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Tim Douglas

There were times where we disappointed customers as items that were listed in stock had actually sold out. Since working with Veeqo we have been able to manage our stock more effectively and ensure stock levels were accurate on our website. We really believe Veeqo is a great tool that will help us grow.

Organic surge
Alan MacKenzie

As a company that has grown exponentially as a result of online sales and the market opportunity the web offers, we are always looking for ways to streamline our online sales process. Just one click with Veeqo and it creates all our shipping labels. This is saving us valuable man hours each & every day. VIEW CASE STUDY
Jura watches
Kashmira Patel

Veeqo has played a huge part in our development in the online retailing world. It has saved us time and money by combining everything into one system. And avoids stock issues between our Shopify & Amazon stores. We also use Veeqo to manage our suppliers and to create purchase orders. VIEW CASE STUDY
Keery Smith

Managing our inventory got complicated and frustrating when we started selling on more than one channel. We needed something that connected our online stores and automatically synced our orders between those channels. We now have complete control over our inventory and can stop worrying about overselling.

Portland, Oregon, USA
Tracey Green

Before we started using Veeqo our order management was chaotic. None of our inventories seemed consistent between our Amazon, eBay and Shopify stores, and we had to deal with angry, disappointed customers almost daily. When we started losing money, we thought it was time to look for a solution instead of trying (and failing) to take care of things ourselves. We read about Veeqo on a forum, so we tried it out and loved it straight away. We were thrilled when we found Veeqo integrates with our accounting software, Xero.

New York, USA
e-sports direct

We have successfully run a sporting goods site for many years, but we expanded recently to include a second ecommerce store, and overselling became a problem. We needed a system to support us with this - Veeqo seemed like a popular option, so we tested it. We needed something that updated our stock between the two stores, and Veeqo takes care of this perfectly. We can trust Veeqo to make sure our two stores are in sync, so we don’t have to worry about overselling anymore.

Greenville, South Carolina, USA
Richard Crosby

BrizTech Ltd. started trading on Amazon and eBay - and quickly added a 'WooCommerce' powered eCommerce store. Before Veeqo, we'd spend half of the day manually collating sales from the various channels so that our fulfilment team could dispatch the products each day. Veeqo eliminated this headache instantly - freeing up the team to focus on building the business - not dispatch spreadsheets! We've been able to expand our product range due to the increase in productivity.
Boon Koh

At MeatSnacker, we did an exhaustive search for inventory management systems for our online store. Veeqo did everything we wanted - great scalability as we expanded, superb handling of bundles and kits, and integration with lots of third parties, such as Shopify and Xero Accounting. The customer support has been top notch through our onboarding process and if we were to do it all over again we would choose Veeqo without hesitation.
Alan Smith

Veeqo has been the most important discovery of this business journey so far, having looked at many solutions Veeqo ticked all the boxes for multi channel selling. However, ticking boxes these days is not enough to succeed. Thats where the guy's at Veeqo come into their own, all through the set-up period the attitude and willingness to ensure my business could function how I wanted it to was over and above expectation. Everyone I have dealt with has delivered. Looking forward to working with them for many years to come.
Huw Morgan

Using one system to handle our multiple sales platforms helps to free time to use on other parts of the business. I would recommend to anyone wanting to take the hassle out of inventory control across your own website and marketplaces. The team at Veeqo are knowledgeable and offer great technical support. The system is going from strength to strength and we are looking forward to more things to come.
Flippin sweet
Danny Donald

Awesome software, order management software has never been so user friendly. I have switched from being with one of the biggest well known order management software companies and the difference is light and day, and it's Cheaper! The customer service has been phenomenal. The team are a friendly bunch and always willing to help.
Mark Parr

I have found Veeqo to be time saving, cost effective and a great solution to multi sales channel order processing and inventory control. It has literally saved us hours per day in order processing time. It is very user friendly, the functionality is good and generally it's a great tool to use if you sell on different platforms and are struggling with stock control and invoicing.
Danielle Armstrong

We used to do everything manually now we just come in log on to Shopify, log on to Veeqo and everything is set out for us in the morning. Veeqo has definitely helped with my online business it has simplified all my deliveries with the shipping and the invoices and I definitely reccomend it to any fashion business thats starting up or any business that needs to make it more efficient managing their inventory. We are happy it has made our lives a lot easier. WATCH VIDEO
Robert Finnerty

I like how much Veeqo’s system is developing, always changing and new things being added. Always developing on to the new platforms and delivery systems, and their support is second to none. Consistantly offering that level of support, and with new names popping up I can see they are investing in new support and are training them well enough to offer us that quality of support. It makes a really big difference to our clients and increases our sales. WATCH VIDEO

Facetheory Skincare aims to change skincare by providing a daily regime that's completely personal. Visitors answer a short questionnaire and facetheory recommends an optimal daily regime. Facetheory use Veeqo for order management and fulfillment as well as the custom reporting to generate a unique skincare programme for each customer